Top Payment Influencers to Follow on Twitter

This list was compiled by Jay Palter Social Advisory. It is based on an analysis of Twitter audience and engagement globally on the topic of payments. For more information on methodology, see below.

From digital disruption and technological innovation, to regulatory requirements and consumer demands, the payments space is one of the most exciting and rapidly changing business environments in financial services.

However, the sheer volume and speed of these changes, as well as the increasingly globalized market in which payments innovation is occurring, make it challenging to stay abreast of relevant news and developments.


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In between these events and gatherings, social networks are playing an increasingly important role connecting the payments industry to news and information about innovation around the world and the people driving these changes.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of top social influencers who are leading online discussions and sharing of payments information, innovation and resources. 

Top Payments Influencers Globally

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Jim Marous | @jimmarous | Cleveland, OH

Brett King | @BrettKing | New York + 30,000 feet

Bradley Leimer | @leimer | San Francisco, CA

Dave Maddox | @thinkpayments | Atlanta

Chris Skinner | @Chris_Skinner | ÜT: 51.511924,-0.22414

Karen Webster | @karenmpd | Boston. MA

Dave Birch (2018) | @dgwbirch | Woking, South East

Will Hernandez | @W_Hernandez16 | Brooklyn, NY

Ron Shevlin | @rshevlin

Jim Bruene | @netbanker | Seattle

Brian Riley | @Payment_Expert | Sunny Florida

Todd Ablowitz | @paymentsexpert | Centennial, CO

JP Nicols | @JPNicols | Seattle

Sebastien Meunier | @sbmeunier | New York, USA

Spiros Margaris | @SpirosMargaris | US | UK | DE | CH

Nick Bilodeau | @FinMKTG | Toronto & Singapore

James Wester | @jameswester | DFW, TX

Yann Ranchere | @tek_fin | Around the world

Bill Sullivan | @WFSULLIVAN3 | Wyndham, VA

Sam Maule | @sammaule | Jacksonville, FL

Erin McCune | @erinmccune | San Francisco

Patricia Hines | @PJHines | Charlotte, NC

Steve McLaughlin FTP | @FTPartners | Silicon Valley

Gareth Lodge | @Gareth_Lodge | Wherever life takes me

Devie Mohan | @devie_mohan | London | Amsterdam

Amit Goel | @amitTwitr | [planes]

Patti Hewitt | @PaymentGal | Savannah, GA

Justin Fraser | @JustinPayments | Ascot

Clare Cockroft | @ClareCockroft | Global, based in UK

Bruce Burke | @MyIntersperse | Clearwater Beach, Florida

Scott Loftesness | @sjl | Menlo Park, California

John Owens | @Jvowens | Global citizen

Aaron McPherson | @aaronmcpherson | Maynard, MA

Simon Cocking | @SimonCocking | Dublin, Ireland

Jon Matonis | @jonmatonis | Vilnius, Lithuania

Chris Del Grande | @ValuedMerchants | United States

Alex Jiménez | @RAlexJimenez | Silicon Slopes, UT

Faisal Khan | @babushka99 | Istanbul, Turkey

Penny Crosman | @pennycrosman | NYC

Michelle Evans | @mevans14 | Chicago

Cherian Abraham | @cherian_abraham | 36E o/ Mid Atlantic w/ no WiFi

Jacob Jegher | @jjegher | Canada, USA

Oliver Bussmann | @obussmann | ZRH | LON | NYC | SIN | HKG

Neira Jones | @neirajones | United Kingdom

Bailey Reutzel | @BLR13 | New York, NY

Kate Fitzgerald | @plasticpayments | Scottsdale, AZ

Fred Wilson | @fredwilson | New York City

Jason Oxman | @joxman | Washington DC

Patrick Gauthier | @PRGauthier | Seattle, WA

David Marcus | @davidmarcus | Palo Alto, CA

Anil D. Aggarwal | @anildaggarwal | New York City

Julien LACOMBE | @SwiftLacombe | Zurich, Suisse

Neil Caldwell | @Paymentology | Henley-on-Thames, England

Antony Peyton | @TonyBankingTech | London

Max Levchin | @mlevchin | SF, CA

Silvia Mensdorff | @silviamensdorff | The Netherlands

Alex Nech | @FinTechSummary | London, England

Denise Bahs | @denisebahs | SE Michigan

Andreas Staub | @andi_staub |

Brian Roemmele | @BrianRoemmele | transcendence

Tony Craddock | @TonyCraddock | London, England

Nick Holland | @nickster2407 | Boston, MA

Andrew Johnson | @andrewrjohnson | New York, NY

David Fish | @dave_fish_ | Natick, MA

briankrebs | @briankrebs | The Underweb

Greg Leos | @gregleos | Chicago, IL

Marleen van Kammen | @MvKtweeter | San Francisco, CA

Tolga TAVLAS | @ttavlas | Wien- Austria

Anne Boden | @AnneBoden | London

Jason Del Rey | @DelRey | NYC/NJ

Lars Markull | @LarsMarkull | Berlin, Germany

Jeffrey Green | @EGridGuy | Chicago

Tom Noyes | @noyesclt | Palo Alto, CA

Daniel Wolfe | @WolfeWriter |

Mike Quindazzi | @MikeQuindazzi | Los Angeles, CA

Eileen Burbidge | @eileentso | London

Michael Mellinghoff | @Mellinghoff | London

Karla Friede | @KarlaFriede | Portland and San Francisco

Peggy Olson | @PeggyOlsonSMKTG | Phoenix, AZ USA

Jordan H. McKee | @jordanhmckee | mobile & payments

David W. Schropfer | @davidschropfer | New York Metro Area

osama bedier | @obedier | Palo Alto, CA

Chris Justice | @CardExpert | Las Vegas, NV

Mike Dudas | @mdudas | New York, NY

Jim Harris | @JimHarris | Toronto, Canada

Tanya Andreasyan | @TanyaBankTech | London, England

Nadja Schlössel | @Ypsilon_Zett | Hamburg, Germany

Dave Heun | @PaymentsDave | Chicago

Tiffany Hayden | @haydentiff | Detroit

Jeffrey M. Singleton | @1paymentexec | Founder of AZ Payment Pros

Thomas Power | @thomaspower | London, England

Mirela Amariei | @AlerimAndreea |

Tim Winchcomb | @TimWinchcomb | Cambridge, UK

Bill Gajda | @BillGajda |

Brad van Leeuwen | @BradvanL | London

David Miller | @David_CBInsight | Tampa, FL



It is common to want to know why some people are on the list and others are not, so let me explain the methodology used to compile this list.

First, I relied on a commercially available social media analytics tool (Little Bird) which offers powerful algorithms for analyzing large volumes of social media data. The software scores social media accounts that frequently communicate on topics related to “payments” and then looks at the inter-relationships among these people.

Second, I separated the results into individuals and organizational accounts because I want to focus on individual influencers, not brands. In most cases, the software does this, but there are some edge cases that require manual intervention and mistakes are sometimes made.

The important point is that this is not the only credible list of payments influencers online, but it is an excellent place to start.

For more information on influencer lists and how to use them effectively, see How to Use an Influencer List or contact me.

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