The Beginnings of Our Elevator Pitch

A start-up, an investor and a financial institution walk into a bar. The bartender says,  "What’ll you have?"

At the same time they all say, “I’ll have what they're having”.

This is what it comes down to – financial institutions, investors and innovators all need what the other ones have but don’t know how to get it.

The Fintech Growth Syndicate has created a multi-level platform that provides products and services to facilitate everyone getting what they need.

Techs populate our platform in a dynamic way. We help position them as they want to be seen. We offer counsel and bridge the cultural divide between them and the financial institutions. 

In a space that is swamped by would-be solutions, investors and financial institutions know that the one and ONLY place to find what they need; investment opportunities and innovation, is The Fintech Growth Syndicate. 

Implementing innovative technology can be scary so The FGS also provides a virtual place to collaborate, beta-test ideas with curated customers in a sandbox outside their walls but secure and risk free. The Syndicate equips them with tools, processes and advisors to guide them.

But partnerships between big finance and eccentric geniuses can be tenuous at best. So, The FGS offers mentorship and consultation to ease the growing pains as companies scale up and business cultures collide.

What sets us apart is our mission is to connect everyone in the ecosystem. We’re kind of like Switzerland, neutral ground where we compliment and support the amazing things that are already happening by using our expertise to close the gap. So if you are an accelerator, government innovation centre, VC or community meetup - we want to help you.

With over 20 years of experience bridging innovation with corporate culture, the Syndicate knows that Fintech isn’t just about disrupting banks or competing with them, it’s about advancing and accelerating innovation for businesses and consumers that want to take advantage of new ways to manage their money, make payments, get loans and hundreds of other things being thought up right now by the next wave of Canadian innovators.  

The Fintech Growth Syndicate is effectively the bartender. “What’ll you have?”

Sue Britton

FinTech Growth Syndicate, 628 Fleet Street, Unit 1006, Toronto, ON, M5V 1A8